Monday, 31 January 2011


doing this i have realised that there is a lot more to takin a picture than pointing at clicking the last three of me i took my self with the same camera as the ones of april however i couldnt see what was going on and the quality of the image is drastically different.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

research some good artists on this
mark zibert
alessandra petlin
are my fav along with martin schoeller

Thursday, 20 January 2011


its amazing by just changing the colour slightly or cropping the image how it can give a totally different feel

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


i was just sat just before the table top review and looked to my left and saw the light falling across aprils face and had to take a picture and i love the way it turned out.

this was as a result of the table top review it was mentioned that i should show the "out takes" of the images i take and i quite like it
she burst out laughing at me while i was taking a picture of her dunno why it must have a amused her some how.

this was a blurred image i took of april (again a discussed method through the review) i then overlaid with the image of the tree.

i then made it anaglyphic to add another depth. it makes the image seem more haunting

this image i overlaid with a shadow i took from my front door. the kitchness and odd colouration adds to its charm.


Fernand Fonssagrives

Werner Bischof, 1942

Herb Ritts, Neith with Shadows, Rear View, Pound Ridge, 1985

Erwin Blumenfeld, Line on Face, 1947

Andre Steiner, Portrait, circa 1935

Lucien Clergue, Nu Zebra, New York

Max Dupain, Jean in wire mesh, 1937

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Scott Treleaven

i like the montage of this work the muted colours and the paint wash over the top and the way they are framed.

Adrian Brannan

these image are defo inspirational for the mri idea i have of doing a 360 montage view of the new and old mix


to create interesting shadows:

some of these images on the sites are beautiful n hopefully i could create a couple and use them the cast something interesting across an object or person


so im going to look into some close ups with shadows across the face, using different objects such as lace, latice work, blinds etc. and then use monotone colour to keep things simple.

on thursday i will be down in Porthmadog taking some pictures in and around there

was ment to be taking some pictures today around mri but not feeling to good and its sunny hopefully it will still be tomorro or later today

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

what next

well over christmas ive been thinking about what and where i want to be after uni and i still dont no.

i do enjoy photography and love photography but i just need some inspiration and its tough at the moment
im thinking of trying to do somert like light or shadow project and then go from there

i dont no whether i should cary on with 3d images, are they going to be interesting enough or my photography is good enough to stand alone or does it need to be edited and added to.

been looking through a few books i got for christmas and they have helped to a certain extent but also made me think why are they classed as being so good when at times they look to simple or out of focus even overly noisey

maybe i am too obsessed with creating a clean crisp image, maybe i should throw that out of the window and just aim to make images that are noisey and out of focus, pick up my slr and enjoy?

this is my clean look and sleek feel
i dont no if i get this from my dad ...


these two i love i took them with my slr and love the old look to them