Sunday, 16 May 2010


for the past few weeks i have been baking a lot again and really enjoying it
these are my fav recipe's
ones from old cook books from nigella and some from class mates
i like editing some of the recipes to make them my own so the flapjacks i just us half golden syrup half maple syrup and add vanilla extract.
also the oat biscuits i added sultanas and cinnamon it was amazing because i then used half the amount of sugar n the rest of splenda for my grandad who needs low sugar and fat etc
really enjoying it so i just wanted to keep these recipes somewhere safe and where i can get them where ever i am

st hilda's

well its going well there are little issues i am having such as having to initial each piece with the children's initials but its what she wants so will have to just deal with it. Also the kids painting them selfs is slowing us down as some decide they dont want to paint themselfs the correct colour mainly eden who is a little black girl decided to paint her self bright pink all over! so that was different everyone else seemed to be ok though

Sunday, 9 May 2010

resin hand and new wax one

took a while for the resin hand to dry and still isnt perfect but looks good so i think i will do a couple more but still love the wax hands so will see what the class thinks on monday

Sunday, 2 May 2010


did another hand in wax today but the fingers broke off so i kind put them back together but it doesnt look to good so may re use the wax and do another one with the wax, i am also in the process if makeing a resin fist hope it works

making molds

spoke to beth about how she did her molds for her skulls and what not n this is what she used

was really good to tlk to her about stuff

Howdy Lauren

these two tutorial pages are excellent for how to do 2 part moulds. if im honest, as lame as it is, have a search on google for people creating miniature model moulds, they're everywhere and as lame as they are as people, they're all very good at it.
I'll have an ask to my friend as to whether he knows any tricks to keep the resin shiny and get back to you on it

These are the guys i get my silicon and vinamold from

if you have any questions or anything else you need me for just email away
good luck