Tuesday, 30 November 2010


i took these images using long exposure and some lights that change colour intermittently

i then merged the other two light images together to get this i think it looks cool and i have also made them all anaglyphic however im sure if they are working as i have lost my glasses ... will be getting some more later today

hopefully april stands out in this image i will update later if it works.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

MRI work

Hi Lauren,

Received your submission, thanks. I have attached an application form
for you. Could you please fill it in and send back to me as soon as you

Your photographs look really good and professional. Are you interested
in emailing it to other departments in the hospital to maybe do some
artwork, unfortunately unpaid, to gain some more experience and
professional projects for your journal and portfolio?

Many Thanks,

So excited that I have been accepted

Sunday, 21 November 2010

anaglyph glasses

well i have miss placed my glasses so i dont no if my images are working or not!
i have found a away of making some using quality street wrappers so i will have a go and see what happens and if they do work i can design my own frames! im thinking old school raybans =)


also been playing about with depth and making some areas of the image 3d and others not hopefully it is working but i cant tell.

not been too well over the last few days very dizzy and bad chest n throat hopefully better in the moring n ready for uni

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

soo what next

now i no how to create the anaglyph images (and spell it woo) what next?
still gonna create the images in the darkroom and see how that goes
possibly print my own neg (when done with an ink jet and then printed it becomes like a pop are piece of work) and see if that will come out and print in the correct colours so it will n 3d

3d glasses needed to view

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

anaglyph images

well most of the day i have been trying to create stereoscopic images and i got some paper that i can draw on and create a floating image.
I then printed onto the image and it didnt look as good.

i then found an app that on my iphone will turn my photos into anaglyph images or 3d ones with the glasses.

after this i was determined to do it my self and well i did wooo just took me a couple of goes and several failures but i got there

So this is the one from the app on my phone and i chose just for chris to stand out

And this is how i FINALY figured out how to make them =)

And a close up of my image which i can now do some more images and get ready for my cross cit may do it all in anaglyph style =)

Monday, 15 November 2010

plan of action

so after my digital pictures from the last blog i am now going to try and do it with traditional methods in the colour dark room! hopefully it will turn out awsome.
going to double or triple expose some negs and also do some jerry uelsmann inspired work

all this was done in the dark room using traditional methods of blurring and burning areas in
apparently when this is done i the colour side the end results can be very interesting.

Friday, 12 November 2010


well i took these images a while ago and thought i would have a go and overlay them and i really like the hand movement in the image with the glass and not really too fussed about the face i think i will see what else i can do with some different images i have got and try and take some more of movement of an object within a confined area

done couple more n really like max (the 3 faces) but busolas legs look good with the movement in them just need some feed back.

really liked the triptic of max soo i have make a couple of april and the lighter one works better however i do feel the image on the right could be a little bit further over to the left

so this is a picture of chris that i took while i was on my walk trip for fi and then a picture i took as well that i quite like and im starting to think that maybe i am better at taking photos of people i am close to. but i guess the only thing i need to consider is how i will take my pictures of people close to me and make them interesting to other people to look at.

Marcel Duchamp

So i remembered after i had done my walk images i then re looked at them and they reminded me of this image
Dude deciding staircase and how it shows movement in a still image.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Richard Billingham

he has been recommended by jon for me to look at to think of ways to document my family


well i have agreed to help fi with a project she wants to create a stop start animation on a journey. so we have to take pictures every 10 steps walking from uni to the wheel in the centre of manchester, we can walk any way we want and we are doing it at different times. I did mine on tuesday and it was oh so very cold. On my way i kinda stalked a couple of people through certain areas and i have merged the images to create a sort of panorama of them moving.

after layering the images i then blurred them like i did with the images of emily and i like the way they seem out of focus and you really have to look at them and they make you feel slightly uneasy.