Monday, 21 June 2010


Daniel Butt 21 June at 09:51
Miss Colbeck,

Somewhat random request, but, how are you strapped for time? Im starting a writing project based on the lives of the homeless, juswt a blog for now but would like to get it bulky enough to send to publishers, and was wonderign if you would like to handle photography duties, nothing major, just face hunting/the sartorialist style street shots ( Check it out let me know what you thnk/if you have the time etc etc, it'll prob be like one half day every couple of weks or something pending how it goes, but uhm, yeah, could be a fun project but one with heart (I like to think). Cool. Hope your well


The Sartorialist
This is easily one of the best Prada men's collections I've seen in a while. Gone are the sometimes over-the-top design details replaced by a very desirable collection based on color and proportion.I think ...

hope fully will b good also sent an email to the photo lounge who are looking for female photographers oOo