Saturday, 30 October 2010

stereoscopic images

could be fun

Thursday, 28 October 2010

being more observent

went round town a while ago and just uploaded the images whoops wasnt my camera however i found some really nice areas up ancoats way
and was takin pictures of things i found on the floor or interesting things.

the last images was on of my fav i took could be a good thing to do? follow footprints around town?

also driving through town quite early this moring and it looked soo different rubbish bags everwhere and taxi's too im thinking one moring taking pictures of manchester at night after the lights go out on the clubs could b good

abi n em

well been experimenting with potraits n how if u take pictures of the same person at different angles they look like a different person or give you a different impression .

after looking a this i started to overlay images kinda by accident and this is what i came up with

Monday, 25 October 2010

sound waves

well i have been capturing how i sleep with an app on my iphone and when i look at it it looks like sound waves soo i was wondering if i could hear what my sleep pattern sounds like ... just need to find somert that would read he waves but dunno who to ask will see if anyone can help in uni
and i will have a month of my sleep in a sound how weird?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

plan of action

well i have been ill ... after having my tooth out n a flu jab (smart i no) i have now got an infection in my gum woo soo feeling really quite blah how ever i have been reading a book by gen doy for my dissertation which is good and got a couple of quotes
also been thinking of what i wanna do this year sooo
im thinking portrait of a city looking at the people and the architecture and how both shape each other. i have started some of it off just some simple images around town and just waiting for a day that im not working or itsd not raining ... cannon 7d's n water arent a good mix
also thinking of taking casts of part of Manchester like the cobbles and interesting grids n stuff n possibly printing on them maybe in the dark room with liquid light emulsion could b fun? and transfering images onto different things maybe? picking up lost things and making a map? soo many ideas but i dunno guess just being asked why i wasnt on a photography corse really got to me as yer i do excel at it but it wasnt the reason i came to uni i wanted to learn other things i no how to take a photo i spent 3 years at college doing that with fine art as well ugh.

any way artists i like as of late
hans holbine
anthony van dyke
samuel palmer
rupert alexander (mainly his portrait of the queen)

Friday, 15 October 2010


well i have been trying to fine what i want to do for this essay all summer and ive managed to look into portraiture but its still VAST! im thinking royal portraiture or the stature behind the portrait
i have looked at the National Portrait gallery book and really liked some of the portraiture in there however i also like Vanity Fair Portraits - century of iconic images some of the images in there are stunning one of then looks like it was a classic painting the set up and the colours within the image is similar to Caravaggio however its a photo.
Been trying to read Hanging the Head by Marcia Pointon how ever i am finding it really hard to remember what im reading, some books i can read and get on with it really well but this one is not going too well i have another 2 books on order from the library one from Crew and the other is being returned in the next few days hopefully one of these i can get some real inspiration.
I have also been watching British Art programs and one was about royal portraiture and what some of the paintings meant and why they were done and it was fascinating how ornate some were and yet modern portraits of the royals are so simple and portray a different perspective on royal life.
Hans Holbine - paintings of Henry VIII -
They are domineering and powerful and showed off how his personality was all he needed along with his stocky build to rule the nation as he was never painted with his regency crown etc compared to other kings -

Charles 1st who due to his small stature was painted upon horse back to give him power. it was anthony van dyck who painted him. -

Yet if u look at nicky phillips's double portrait of the royal brothers it is simple but has so much emotion and power behind it.

a good quote

Irazmus to Hans Holbine, " how the painter must capture not only the appearance of the sitter but also his character even his soul."