Monday, 23 March 2009

lino prints

woooo final done some lino prints that can be cleaned and used without the worry of breaking them. i got the new lino from fred aldous and its really helped. people who have seen it think they look really old like from the 50's so will try and look into this and also into mail arts use of rubber stamps to decorate there work.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

not good

well wrist still isnt good and had to get a different brace for it, which feels a bit better but it is still twinging... i dont think this could have come at a worse time!!! not been able to do much today at all did a bit of essay work but it hurts to type for to long as i have to tense my arms and back to let my arms hover over the keyboard.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

treasure hunt

well saw Geetha to day for help with my essay its almost done but finding the formality of essay writing ridiculous u cant even write don't u have to write do not! anyway i have managed to choose where all the treasure hunt clues are going for the year ones to do and how it will be done. there will be 3 groups one will do the puzzle with the others do a make and do session then the second group will go and he first will go into a different room as not to tell the other groups where everything is.
while making this for the kids i had to take into consideration where they will be at any given situation that they will always be in sight of a teacher, that they will under stand what they have to do and do not disrupt other class rooms when they are taking part.
there are 7 clues that they will have to un code to get their prize (which is going to be some pencil crayons and a colouring in book as the school is part of the healthy eating scheme so no sweets). I will be there to help out as it is going on recording what they are doing and taking photos. at the end of it i will see what they liked about the alphabet and get them to design there own possibly or if not in yr one then in a different year during that week. this information can then be used to update or create a new alphabet.

Monday, 16 March 2009

pic alphabet

here is my finished pic alphabet i have been using to create my stamps and also the treasure hunt

Sunday, 15 March 2009

pic alphabet

well it has definately been a while since i wrote on here so the up date on the project is:
i decided to go back to the picture alphabet and create lino cuts of them (or a simple stamp) so i could write my quote "art is never finished" (i shortened it because the stamps are pretty big and have to use really large sheets of paper to do them fully).
i did have some issues when making the lino cuts as some on the images i wanted to use looked good drawn but are very hard to cut in the lino i had so i changed some things around so its easier for me. i love the fact that the prints are never perfect when done and how unique they are.
I spoke to jon and he really likes the prints and wants me to push it further so i am looking and some other quite dark quotes that contradict the warm and friendly characters in my alphabet. then i am going to print them large on different back grounds to find what is really effective then see how that goes. While i am doing this i am making (hopefully) a charm bracelet with are is never finished. just need to make the models then cast them in pewter. but having trouble making the models so will do some flat and some half 3d i think, so it will help the process of making them.