Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Up date

well im off the the hospital soon for my cheack up on my nose woo hopefully all is well
also going to be working at home today due to my sister in law going into hospital with contractions and the baby isnt ready so she is staying in so i am looking after my niece's and stuff but will just make some more paper ready for possibly tomorro i will go in and do some hard core letter press and sort that out. but untill then there isalways stuff i can get on with but will b in uni on thursday to give gary helvetica for his mac and stuff like that ...
o yer i have found that when making the paper with leafs in when i have scooped the pulp out n done it by hand the paper is soft but when done with a deckle it is very stiff...

Saturday, 13 December 2008


well watched helevtica last night was really informative into what i am doing and really looking forward to carrying on with everything. this weekened i will be sorting out my sketch book (the a4 one) with fonts and i think i am going to look at the quote:
"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
and looking at how i can use different fonts, back grounds and places to find out which is best.
going to develope the picture alphabet a bit more as well and possibly make a stencil of my fav letter font from the computer. i am doing this so i can show the difference between the printed text from a computer against hand written txt AND letter press, stamp text.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Paper again

Made some more paper but insted of using a frame and deckle like usual i have just layed out a sheet of fabric and scoped up the pulp in my hand and layed it out. i managed to make quite a large piece and they r also thin and very soft but still beautiful. i added crushed bay leaf and rosemary to the mix so the paper smelt nice and it worked it smells wonderfuly aromatic.
i actually slept most of the day away as natural winter light gives me headaches as far as im aware due to the fact its quite low in the sky. think i need to get some darker tinted glasses as its gettin stupid again with the headaches luckly i can work when its dark and tend to feel better

Will up load some images of paper and things i have been up too soon though even some quotes in pictorial form and see if u can decipher them.

Ill again!!

well yesterday i started to get a headache witch is normal n eyes hurt again normal but to go to bed n wake up worse??? not good

anyway yesterday i printed on the paper i made using leaves and natural stuff mixed with paper pulp. it looked fantastic i am soooo pleased however i spelt something wrong on one of the prints that my mum kindly pointed out ... ourselfs not ourselves got annoyed at it but o well nothing to b done now i have printed that quote soooo many times n no one has noticed hum i guess i will b okay.
Jon liked the idea of the pictorical alphabet but wondered what things would look like all in pictures as im at home i think i will do a quote for him in to to show him n then leave it possibly for another time???
also what would the quote look like in a long line insted of page formate? which gets me to thing of other things i could print on that isnt a page formate like a triangle or someting?
only been on the project for a short time n i need to start focusing apparently but i feel i need to expad a little to see what else there is n then rain it in a little so to say. so i think i will carry on with some stuff then see what i feel is right n where these quotes fit.

side note
im still thinking on whether i should do the abandoned work ot not i guess it will fit the quote n give imput from people but i feel that i wouldnt get them back so its lost work and i may not even get a reply if the paper or thing is degraded or put in the bin. May trial in uni first with a few sheets in n around the building with a return to interactive arts if found on it n see what happens before i get ppl to leave them on buses n dorm rooms etc.

Monday, 1 December 2008

New ideas

well its a known fact that some ideas happen in the strangest of places. lay in the bath i had the idea to create some of the quotes for my book not in letter form ie using letters or even numbers but in pictorial form.
i can do things like take pictures of things that represent the work like you as a sheep, or the letter A as an A board or pictures of things as letters.
will do some drawings
also thort of playing hang man with people to guess the quote and use that?? could b fun