Saturday, 29 November 2008


well most of this week i have been making lost of different styles of paper. i have been talking to one of the third years n she has helped me alot, hopefully once i have a few different types of paper and start printing on it in letter press and rubber stamps hopefully.
also done one of my essays and just started next one, its a little difficult but hopefully will be over and done with by tomorro.
i have been watching alot of movies and just gettin round to wrting them down ... i watch so many a week its gettin a little tedious to write down all the information for each one but o well.
i am still on the hunt for really good quotes i have got some just from the movies i have been watching ... also managed to get a copy of helevtica which will be good to watch.
my next thing is to make paper possibly out of leaves? and other natural materials that isnt wood pulp, possibly make some made from raggs, like the arabians made it.
Need to look for new things to print on as well and things to print with like a collage to make letters.

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