Monday, 3 November 2008

First day of blogging

okay so today lernt about mail artists was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be . I loved the way they all came together by using a combination of other peoples thoughts and ideas. Also the stamps and magazine collages on the front of the envolpes is impressive. I would love to do one of the mail art projects I just feel I may be dissapointed at what I can do apose to what I would get back ... Anyway looking at the rubber stamps made me remeber about the printing set I had when I was little so I got a new one and I am going to do key annotation with them.
Book binding was informative but wish this one would have been hands on but next Tuesday will be better.
I feel my sense of place project is getting over shadowed by the fact I an more excited about my printing kit but at least it will motivate me to do my annotation. Hopefully I will b doing some hands on making in the next week with this project insted of digital manipulation which I find pretty standard these days ... I'm thinking large image of a Manchester alley way with grass 'pavement' and a 3D washing line but we shall see

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