Thursday, 13 November 2008

New project

Well i have changed my project and getting quite excited about it which is a good thing. I am now going to explore the effect of letter font on written quotations. i will be looking at traditional methods of calligraphy and hand drawn fonts to the letter press and finally to the the computer font.
i have started my research of letter formation in books and guides to calligraphy and also taken text from the Metro and other sources and put them into a book.

Also i have completed my book binding class which will enable me to possible create a book form my final outcome. I have also just done my metal work induction that was really good fun and very enjoyable which is always a good thing. now i just need to concentrate on my essays i am having more trouble with the contextual essay in witch we have to write 1000 words on one of the readings but im sure i will be able to sort it out for monday for jon to have a look through.

other than that i am really looking forward to experimenting with fonts and collecting quotes from modern to old ones from Plato and W.B. Yeats to even some of George Bush's blunders.

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