Sunday, 9 November 2008

Last weeks review

Well so far i have decided that i am well enough to be able to do a challenging project that i can research and create something i have never dont before i am thinking at looking at typography from calligraphy to letter press and modern day typography such as differences from one news paper to the next and how artists use it to decorate and also embellish work such as the mail artists.
However i have done some work in my last project i have manipulated photos of my favorite places and taken my favorite aspects and created usual out comes that in one photo could actually be real. I could easily carry this project further but i feel that i wouldn't learn as much as i would by doing another project.
i created my A4 sheet to show what i have been up to as well it looks every neat and i like the simplicity. i feel that when things are to over the top it will distract the viewer from what its really about.
I missed Fridays lecture due to a side effect from the antibiotics i am on but have the written text from the intranet for all of the ones i missed when i was off due to the op.
i think i will write the image or thing essay on the pen and how it came to be and that the computer is the modern day pen.

i have started to write all my movies and books and art galleries i have been to in a book as i think a blog with all that is would be a little to much as i watch a lot of movies about 10 or so a week give or take but some are ones i have seen before however i will say some of my favourite films are those by Studio Ghibli.
i wonder if we are ment to mention music too as it as much of an inspiration and state of mind as movies and books so i dunno but my itunes contains 4463 songs so to list them could b a bit much.

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