Friday, 26 March 2010

tomorros green festival

This is when i was first making the bird cakes
this one is has been made from seeds,fruit and lard and this is how they looked

After making this form of bird cake i didnt like how it was quite soft and couldnt see the seeds which i wanted to see.
so i went looking through the internet and found a really good recipe that involves marshmallows,lots of bread crumbs, suet in stead of lard.

so i put the mix into a cup containing a cake cake so once the mic was dry i would have a "bird cake" that i could hang.

after doing this the mix has set really well but i was still wondering how i could just have the glossy seeds stuck together. so using a mold i put the seeds in and then water and froze it. and it looks really good but i no it would last and the seeds will fall to the ground but they will be eaten by the squirrels .

but while i was doing this i trail i decided to boil sugar and make a hard crack sugar then wait and see

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