Tuesday, 2 March 2010


as i was taking the first lot of images i was thinking that the image on its own needed something.
looking in art galleries with all the paintings and images framed i thought i would look into framing the images however i dont want to use a modern style frame thats minimal and square.

i then started looking for a filigree style frame. i looked online and i didnt find much just bits and pieces.
i then started to look at Kat Von D who is a tattoo artist well known for filigree designs and a love of all things old and gothic.
i looked through her book and found a design she drew for a poster. i edited what i wanted from the frame and redrew and redrew untill i came up with the 4 frames below. the 2 larger frames are based more on her design then the 2 other frames are ones using just one piece mirrored.

i think these could have a lot of potential if i use them correctly

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