Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Green Festival

the images above are areas of the church i liked

st clement church
M21 9JF

Wind terbines aka blowing things that kids have in the shape of a flower with ribbons??
Using leafs and things like that
Bird boxes on the trees
Bell tower pictures of the day of what's going on or feed from the bell tower
Can do multipul things
Stainglass out of ice
Something that grows??
Flower petals??
Felt pieces
Ice with petals in shaped in a flower or the windmill thingy

Look at Eco stuff green festival
Use trees fences Walls

Bird food cakes in the shape of flowers or shapes from the church
Hang using organic twine in trees

Make rubber mold go to pets at home and get some info from them on how solid it will be

Also get to bell tower and take pics of the day maybe

Still need to figure out what the things are called that you blow or catch in the wind
Ok they ate just called windmills

my ideas from when i was there on the day plus others i have had recently

but i am going to make the bird cakes in shapes inspired by nature using wild bird seed fruit and lard to bind it together as this recipe shows
i will aim to put as many as i can up in the trees and take photos of were they are

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