Tuesday, 2 March 2010


well i no i should be doing this more but i have most of what i need to do in my written journal
so i have done a couple of photo shoots :
this was from the first with a friend who asked if i could take the picks to help show male fantasy of 2 women
i quite enjoyed it was a lot of fun so i thought i could use it in my site project i took it to uni and andrea said i was good at taking pictures but what did i want out of it and at the time it was to see what was appropriate in a certain site ie trafford centre billboards vs gallery space
i was then asked why dont i take pictures of 2 guys and then try it so i have done so and also a guy and a woman so there is a collection and then 2guys and a girl

for the second photo shoot this was the inspiration Terry Richardson

i like the brash imagery that is quite derogatory to women so i thought i would take the inspiration and switch it over and have the men in the images.

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