Tuesday, 17 March 2009

treasure hunt

well saw Geetha to day for help with my essay its almost done but finding the formality of essay writing ridiculous u cant even write don't u have to write do not! anyway i have managed to choose where all the treasure hunt clues are going for the year ones to do and how it will be done. there will be 3 groups one will do the puzzle with the others do a make and do session then the second group will go and he first will go into a different room as not to tell the other groups where everything is.
while making this for the kids i had to take into consideration where they will be at any given situation that they will always be in sight of a teacher, that they will under stand what they have to do and do not disrupt other class rooms when they are taking part.
there are 7 clues that they will have to un code to get their prize (which is going to be some pencil crayons and a colouring in book as the school is part of the healthy eating scheme so no sweets). I will be there to help out as it is going on recording what they are doing and taking photos. at the end of it i will see what they liked about the alphabet and get them to design there own possibly or if not in yr one then in a different year during that week. this information can then be used to update or create a new alphabet.

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