Sunday, 15 March 2009

pic alphabet

well it has definately been a while since i wrote on here so the up date on the project is:
i decided to go back to the picture alphabet and create lino cuts of them (or a simple stamp) so i could write my quote "art is never finished" (i shortened it because the stamps are pretty big and have to use really large sheets of paper to do them fully).
i did have some issues when making the lino cuts as some on the images i wanted to use looked good drawn but are very hard to cut in the lino i had so i changed some things around so its easier for me. i love the fact that the prints are never perfect when done and how unique they are.
I spoke to jon and he really likes the prints and wants me to push it further so i am looking and some other quite dark quotes that contradict the warm and friendly characters in my alphabet. then i am going to print them large on different back grounds to find what is really effective then see how that goes. While i am doing this i am making (hopefully) a charm bracelet with are is never finished. just need to make the models then cast them in pewter. but having trouble making the models so will do some flat and some half 3d i think, so it will help the process of making them.

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