Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Paper again

Made some more paper but insted of using a frame and deckle like usual i have just layed out a sheet of fabric and scoped up the pulp in my hand and layed it out. i managed to make quite a large piece and they r also thin and very soft but still beautiful. i added crushed bay leaf and rosemary to the mix so the paper smelt nice and it worked it smells wonderfuly aromatic.
i actually slept most of the day away as natural winter light gives me headaches as far as im aware due to the fact its quite low in the sky. think i need to get some darker tinted glasses as its gettin stupid again with the headaches luckly i can work when its dark and tend to feel better

Will up load some images of paper and things i have been up too soon though even some quotes in pictorial form and see if u can decipher them.

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