Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ill again!!

well yesterday i started to get a headache witch is normal n eyes hurt again normal but to go to bed n wake up worse??? not good

anyway yesterday i printed on the paper i made using leaves and natural stuff mixed with paper pulp. it looked fantastic i am soooo pleased however i spelt something wrong on one of the prints that my mum kindly pointed out ... ourselfs not ourselves got annoyed at it but o well nothing to b done now i have printed that quote soooo many times n no one has noticed hum i guess i will b okay.
Jon liked the idea of the pictorical alphabet but wondered what things would look like all in pictures as im at home i think i will do a quote for him in to to show him n then leave it possibly for another time???
also what would the quote look like in a long line insted of page formate? which gets me to thing of other things i could print on that isnt a page formate like a triangle or someting?
only been on the project for a short time n i need to start focusing apparently but i feel i need to expad a little to see what else there is n then rain it in a little so to say. so i think i will carry on with some stuff then see what i feel is right n where these quotes fit.

side note
im still thinking on whether i should do the abandoned work ot not i guess it will fit the quote n give imput from people but i feel that i wouldnt get them back so its lost work and i may not even get a reply if the paper or thing is degraded or put in the bin. May trial in uni first with a few sheets in n around the building with a return to interactive arts if found on it n see what happens before i get ppl to leave them on buses n dorm rooms etc.

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