Thursday, 10 March 2011

new books

the book on the left is alex box's book its so beautiful in design and defo an inspiration. the images have been taken by rankin who book is on the right, although some of his images are amazing others have left me wanting.

my next step is to start painting the shadows and shapes onto the body i think using colours like alex and getting into lighting to enhance the drama of the image.

the photoshoot with april was amazing i projected sugar pieces i made onto her face, put glitter on her projected colour and even looked at double portraits. however if i were to do the doubles again i feel i would use someone i new well so i can direct them better as i didnt no libby well enough to feel comfy in telling her to do certain things n stop others.

with these images its amazing how just slicking aprils hair back she becomes so high fashion and really owns the image.

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