Sunday, 24 October 2010

plan of action

well i have been ill ... after having my tooth out n a flu jab (smart i no) i have now got an infection in my gum woo soo feeling really quite blah how ever i have been reading a book by gen doy for my dissertation which is good and got a couple of quotes
also been thinking of what i wanna do this year sooo
im thinking portrait of a city looking at the people and the architecture and how both shape each other. i have started some of it off just some simple images around town and just waiting for a day that im not working or itsd not raining ... cannon 7d's n water arent a good mix
also thinking of taking casts of part of Manchester like the cobbles and interesting grids n stuff n possibly printing on them maybe in the dark room with liquid light emulsion could b fun? and transfering images onto different things maybe? picking up lost things and making a map? soo many ideas but i dunno guess just being asked why i wasnt on a photography corse really got to me as yer i do excel at it but it wasnt the reason i came to uni i wanted to learn other things i no how to take a photo i spent 3 years at college doing that with fine art as well ugh.

any way artists i like as of late
hans holbine
anthony van dyke
samuel palmer
rupert alexander (mainly his portrait of the queen)

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