Monday, 2 February 2009


well had a big talk with jon n need to do more really, idea wise not just materials and processes.
going to do some of the things we talked about like the abandoned art stuff which i have printed 111 on car ticket things and going to do some in the letter press room and take photos to document were they were left (andy Goldsworth style) text in signs
look more at artists and type up all my journal things joy?? o well do it while at work at the weekends i guess also do artist research and create a section just for that and then thoughts progressions conflicts conclusion and solutions of problems as i go along and i have pretty much been band from using the word BUT

create a book of the ABANDNDRT
create a mock up of textures and materials that can be typed of for my book
things that can be integrated into society ie phrase under a name plack, cigaret look at the wall of photos
ppl in my group think i could do small projects to get ideas for my main one such as the mail art project i have been thinking of doing.

we shall see... we shall see

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